New & Used Pianos For Sale

Have you been thinking about buying a piano for your home? You have certainly come to the right place, as East Coast Piano Rebuilding offers a large selection of used pianos for sale in New Hampshire and Boston, MA. More specifically, we carry a wide range of restored pianos for sale from many of the biggest names in piano manufacturing, including Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin Piano Co., and others.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Rebuilt Piano Over a New One?

We know what you might be thinking right now: “Why would I buy one of your used pianos when I can buy a brand-new one instead?” It’s a valid question, but there’s an easy answer to it. The truth is that, while the restored pianos might be on the older side, they’re better instruments than what you would mostly find on the market today. Our older pianos for sale are also jam-packed with more charm and character than you’ll find in newer models.

At East Coast Piano Rebuilding, we perform all the restoration services ourselves. From finding high-quality parts for them (including a lot of the same exact parts found in new pianos!) to installing the parts and making sure they’re put into place properly, East Coast Piano Rebuilding handles every aspect of the restoration process before placing used pianos up for sale. This will provide you with a piano that’ll look and feel like new. It’ll also provide you with pianos that are often times more valuable that newer models.

Support your local craftsmen by taking a look at the used pianos for sale from East Coast Piano Rebuilding. Call us at 603-887-4489 today for more information.