Antique Piano Appraisals and Pricing Company

Piano AppraisalsWould you like to find out how much the antique piano you own is worth? Maybe you want to do it because you’re interested in selling it sometime soon, or perhaps you want to do it because you’re planning on filing an insurance claim related to it. Whatever the case, East Coast Piano Rebuilding can send a piano appraiser to your home to check it out as we provide antique piano appraisals in New Hampshire and Boston, MA.

What Makes Us Expert Piano Appraisers?

At East Coast Piano Rebuilding, we have more than 25 years of experience when it comes to delivering antique piano appraisals and serving the go to pricing company in New Hampshire and Boston, MA. During that time, we’ve seen a wide range of pianos, including everything from classic upright pianos to huge grand pianos. This gives our piano appraisers an edge over other appraisers. We can inspect your piano from top to bottom and look at everything inside of it before offering you a basic appraisal or a more advanced appraisal that comes with written documentation that breaks down the different aspects of your specific piano.

If you’ve been looking for a piano appraiser to check out your antique piano, give East Coast Piano Rebuilding a call. Call 603-887-4489 today to schedule an appraisal with us.