East Coast Piano Rebuilding Customer Reviews

“Words cannot express the joy this piano gives me. I am continually amazed at the sound and incredible responsiveness to my touch. It truely feels as if it was made just for me… Your talent and wanting everything ‘just right’ has resulted in a magical instrument.”
– E.C., Rochester, MA

“Thank you for your magnificant rebuilding work on our Steinway grand. It has in every way surpassed my expectations. I am amazed at the instrument’s fullness and richness of tone. The voicing has resulted in a sound that is at once full of bright color but without being harsh. I’ve been practicing all kinds of repertoire and enjoying the responsiveness of touch and the tremendous dynamic and expressive range now possible. And the refinishing work on the case is truely gorgeous. It’s hard to believe it’s the same old piano. It’s a real joy both to look at and to play.”
– M.B., Cambridge MA

“The action feels just superb and the new hammers are just wonderful… I didn’t know the old piano still had that much sound in it. Many thanks for the excellent work and artistry you put into the job. It has made a profound difference in my life. Please be assurred of my harty endorsement of your work for prospective customers!”
– T.P., Hingham MA

“The piano is GORGEOUS! Everything about it is really more than I had dreamed could be done. I can’t thank you enough.”
– L.M., Wellesley MA

“After long research for a company who can rebuild the piano the best way, I chose East Coast Piano Rebuilding because: This company was highly recommended by my friends and colleagues. I saw a piano which was rebuilt by your company and was very much impressed. When we discussed about details of my piano restoration, all your advises were very professional and you never pushed me to do anything that wasn’t necessary. The final result of my piano repair was above all expectations.”
– M.G., Stoughton MA