New Hampshire Piano Tuning Services

Closeup on hand tuning an upright piano using lever and tools

Has it been more than a year since the last time that you had the piano in your home tuned? If so, East Coast Piano Rebuilding recommends you take advantage of the piano tuning services in New Hampshire and Boston, MA that we offer. Your piano could be adversely affected without proper tuning. It can also lead to the need for piano repair and even affect the value of your piano over time. Don’t put off piano tuning services any longer if it’s been a long time since the last time your piano was tuned.

Why Does My Grand or Upright Piano Need Tuning?

Pianos are very large instruments that don’t look like they would be susceptible to damage caused by humidity. However, a lot of the components inside a piano are made from wood, which means the humidity can have a negative effect on them. The soundboards in pianos, in particular, can swell when they’re exposed to humidity, and this swelling can lead to a piano’s strings getting stretched. This can change the way a piano sound. East Coast Piano Rebuilding can provide you with piano tuning services, including grand and upright piano tuning to stop humidity from affecting the way your piano sounds.

How Does Piano Tuning Work?

We bring a variety of tools to get the job done. We use tools like a tuning level (also sometimes called a hammer), a tuning fork, and mutes to tune pianos.

A tuning level is used to turn the various pins in a piano so that we can change the tension of a piano’s string, while the mutes are used to keep any strings that aren’t being tuned silenced. The tuning fork used during grand and upright piano tuning, meanwhile, is used to tune the first note found inside of the piano—often the A4 note—before a piano tuner moves on to the other notes. In some instances, an electronic tuning device can also be used in place of a tuning fork to make piano tuning services more efficient.

Do you need to have grand or upright piano tuning done in your home? Touch base with East Coast Piano Rebuilding at 603-887-4489 today to schedule piano tuning services for your piano.