Celebrate Piano Day on March 28

On March 28, the world will be honoring that most majestic of keyboards – the piano. Built for the first time on the early 1700s, the piano is one of the most widely used instruments, and many children who begin music lessons often start on the piano. In most music schools and conservatories, the piano… Read more »

Why Do Piano Strings Rust?

Though pianos are one of the largest types of instruments that you might find in someone’s home, they are in fact quite delicate. Without the proper attention, care and tuning, a beautiful piano that was once well cared for could become rather useless to play and impossible to resell. With proper maintenance, though, pianos can… Read more »

Crediting Bartolomeo Cristofori

Gathering around the piano to listen and sing along as skilled musicians pluck out famous songs is a popular pastime among many, but do you know why pianos exist? Who can you credit for giving the world this wonderful instrument? Bartolomeo Cristofori, the Italian harpsichord maker who is credited with the invention of the piano,… Read more »