Piano Restoration in Boston MA and New Hampshire

Pianos are some of the largest instruments in the world. However, because they’re mostly made up of wood, felt, metal, and leather, they’re prone to issues caused by severe humidity. Wood soundboards can crack, pin blocks can crack and dry out, glue joints can separate, and strings can rust and corrode. If your piano has fallen victim to any of these things, East Coast Piano Rebuilding offers piano restoration in New Hampshire and Boston, MA and we can bring your piano back to life. We also offer general piano repairs to have yours sounding its best again.

Piano Refinishing

Has the piano you have in your home seen better days? If you haven’t done much to maintain it over time, it would likely benefit from the piano restoration and piano refinishing services that East Coast Piano Rebuilding performs. From piano repairs to the various components inside your piano to making the outside of your piano shine, we’ll make sure that you fall in love with your piano again once we’re done. We’ve helped countless piano owners with their pianos in the past and specialize in providing people with rebuilt pianos that look like new.

Piano Repair

If your piano sounds off when you play it, it could be because some of the parts inside of it aren’t working the way they should. East Coast Piano Rebuilding has the expertise needed to get your piano back sounding the way it should. From making minor tweaks to existing parts to doing complete part replacement, we can get to the bottom of any piano problem and fix it in no time.

Do you want to see how piano restoration services can benefit your piano? Reach out to East Coast Piano Rebuilding at 603-887-4489 today to get started.

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