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Why Do Piano Strings Rust?

Though pianos are one of the largest types of instruments that you might find in someone’s home, they are in fact quite delicate. Without the proper attention, care and tuning, a beautiful piano that was once well cared for could become rather useless to play and impossible to resell. With proper maintenance, though, pianos can… Read more »

Preparing Your Piano for Winter

Just as you take the fall months to prepare your home for the cold season ahead, you should also take care to prepare your piano to play properly during the snowy season. With winter right around the corner, now’s the time to make sure that you’re ready to stay in tune for fall lessons, holiday… Read more »

Getting in Tune with Fall Lessons

Music brings an element of lively energy to any home, especially when it’s being created by the hands of your children. This fall, as the kids head back to classes, many children are starting to resume their piano lessons or take them for the first time as a great afterschool option to feed their creative… Read more »

Four Common Causes of Stuck Keys

One of the more common issues with a piano is a stuck or broken key. While this can mean a wide variety of things, the symptoms generally include a key that is stuck depressed, one that moves other keys or with other key movements, or keys that won’t budge at all. Given the broad definition… Read more »