Six Christmas Classics to Play on Your Piano

It’s that time of year again – the Christmas season is upon us. One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is to sit down at the piano and play away some of the classic carols and tunes that celebrate the season. With the right music, you and your family can get into the festive spirit, so here are six great songs are perfect to kick off the season.

Piano Christmas Songs“Deck the Halls”

A great song to sing, dance and play, this carol is a great way to start the Christmas season. With its upbeat tempo and strong melody, everyone will enjoy it – and best of all, everyone probably already knows the words!

“Silent Night”

This is the perfect song for pianists and offers a lot of room for a player to add their own creative liberties. Play it at your own tempo and add your own flourishes to spice up this timeless classic.

“Carol of the Bells”

A dynamic song that has been in the seasonal rotation for more than a decade, this fun-to-play song makes listeners want to hear it over and over again. It has been covered by numerous artists over the decades, giving plenty of inspiration for adding your own personal touch.

“Frosty the Snowman”

Fun for kids and adults, the upbeat tempo of this wintery tune is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. This is definitely a popular holiday season sing-along to bring in the cheer.

“Jingle Bells”

As the most common Christmas carol, “Jingle Bells” is a must-have in your Christmas repertoire. Despite being written in 1957 for Thanksgiving, it is one of the best – and most well-known – songs to get the holidays started on the right foot.

“Joy to the World”

“Joy to the World” is a unique song that can be played in a variety of styles, from classical tempo to a jazzed-up interpretation. Just like “Silent Night,” there is a lot of room for improvisation, or you can just play the classic tune as written and enjoy the peaceful melodies.

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