Five Handy iOS Apps for Pianists

At East Coast Piano Rebuilding, we’re always looking for ways to utilize technology for the betterment of music. We’ve discovered a great resource for many pianists can be found in some of the latest iPhone and iPad apps. They’re easy, helpful and fun to use and – even better – they’re affordable! Below is a… Read more »

Piano Tuning Stability and Pitch Raising

Regular maintenance of your piano leads to proper tuning stability. When you’ve invested your time and money into a piano, you want to ensure it sounds its best. However, missed tuning sessions and a lack of upkeep can lead to lingering problems with pitch down the road. Your piano creates optimum sound when it is… Read more »

Hammer Down: Why Do Hammers Wear?

One of the many moving parts in any piano is the hammer. The last stop between the player’s fingers and the actual release of a note, the hammers inside the piano strike the strings to create the different chords and melodies, but this same action can lead to wear after years of use. Modern piano… Read more »

Four Common Causes of Stuck Keys

One of the more common issues with a piano is a stuck or broken key. While this can mean a wide variety of things, the symptoms generally include a key that is stuck depressed, one that moves other keys or with other key movements, or keys that won’t budge at all. Given the broad definition… Read more »