Five Handy iOS Apps for Pianists

At East Coast Piano Rebuilding, we’re always looking for ways to utilize technology for the betterment of music. We’ve discovered a great resource for many pianists can be found in some of the latest iPhone and iPad apps. They’re easy, helpful and fun to use and – even better – they’re affordable!

Below is a short list of piano-friendly apps for Apple devices that will help refine both your technique and overall timing. (Also, we may have missed a few, so feel free to let us know about some of your favorites in the comments section!)

Piano App IconPianist

If you’re looking for an app entirely devoted to the world of pianos, Pianist is your answer. This digital magazine offers more than 30 pages of selected sheet music, giving downloaders the chance to accompany the included sound files and practice some of the most renowned compositions to date. With full-length features, technique tips and incredible interviews, Pianist is a one-stop shop for students and teachers looking to fully immerse themselves in all things piano.

Piano Tutor       

Named one of the best piano apps by appPicker, Piano Tutor is the ideal platform for practicing music on your iPad. Its simple interface makes it the perfect companion for playing songs, learning a range of notes and keeping tempo with the music. Piano Tutor is highly recommended for pianists of all levels of expertise.


Everyone needs an editor. That’s why iComposer is a vital tool for any pianist looking to create their own sheet music. With iComposer, you can record any tune you’re humming, and whenever you’re ready, choose from more than 80 music elements to complete your tune. It’s exceptionally good for transcribing melodies on the spot.

Pro Metronome

One of the most vital parts of any musical practice or performance is keeping time consistent. With the Pro Metronome app, you’ll be able to practice keeping the beat with one of the most precise metronomes out there today. Rated the best metronome app in Apple’s WWDC 2014 conference, Pro Metronome is a crowd favorite that even offers modulating time signatures and tempo.

Learn Piano HD

Many piano teachers have cited Learn Piano HD as the ultimate resource for pianist beginners. Learning piano for the first time can be a time-consuming endeavor, but Learn Piano HD serves as at-home reinforcement for your lessons. Whether you’re just beginning or moving into more advanced lessons, this great app can help solidify your skills and focus your refinement of the playing fundamentals to improve your talents and steady your hands as you learn.

At East Coast Piano Rebuilding, we can help you find a perfect used piano for you or your budding pupil or assist with your tuning, maintenance or repair needs to get your piano playing properly. For more information on our services, contact us today!

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