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A Brief History of the Piano

September is National Piano Month, so we thought we’d take a moment to talk about how this incredible instrument came to be what it is today. The earliest versions of pianos, you may know, are called harpsichords. Though there were other stringed and keyboard instruments that preceded the piano, the harpsichord is its most direct… Read more »

Getting in Tune with Fall Lessons

Music brings an element of lively energy to any home, especially when it’s being created by the hands of your children. This fall, as the kids head back to classes, many children are starting to resume their piano lessons or take them for the first time as a great afterschool option to feed their creative… Read more »

Piano Tuning Stability and Pitch Raising

Regular maintenance of your piano leads to proper tuning stability. When you’ve invested your time and money into a piano, you want to ensure it sounds its best. However, missed tuning sessions and a lack of upkeep can lead to lingering problems with pitch down the road. Your piano creates optimum sound when it is… Read more »

Hammer Down: Why Do Hammers Wear?

One of the many moving parts in any piano is the hammer. The last stop between the player’s fingers and the actual release of a note, the hammers inside the piano strike the strings to create the different chords and melodies, but this same action can lead to wear after years of use. Modern piano… Read more »